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By Tom Knighton

There are liberal gun owners.

I want to get that out of the way right here and now, because I know I’m likely to hear from one or two if I don’t go ahead and start this post by stating that. That’s fine, though, because while I probably disagree with them on a whole lot of stuff, I’ll take any ally I can get in defending our Second Amendment rights.

Most gun owners know this to some degree.

However, it seems the Democratic Party doesn’t.

While the Democrats once had some degree of diversity of thought on the issue of guns, those days are well and truly over.

At her recent CNN town hall meeting, Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was asked by a pastor what the country can do about gun violence. “We have got to have smart gun safety laws in this country,” she responded. “You can be in favor of the Second Amendment and also understand that there is no reason in a civil society that we have assault weapons around communities that can kill babies and police officers.”

What stood out about that exchange was not that it distinguished Harris from her competitors for the Democratic …Read the Rest

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