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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

The Daisy May - A Don Fritz Muzzleloader
The Daisy May – A Don Fritz Muzzleloader
Jim Clary
Jim Clary

USA -( Mary and I had hunted with percussion Hawkens in 1986. Although we didn’t see any deer, we had fun in camp shooting them to determine who was the better shot. Hint: It wasn’t me!

We didn’t hunt with muzzleloaders again until 2014 when we started hunting with the CVA modern centerline rifles. While visiting her dentist in 2015, Mary met the daughter of a man who made customized muzzleloaders the old fashioned way. He started from scratch. No kits and no precut stocks.

That man’s name was Don Fritz, a long-time muzzleloader shooter and craftsman of many talents. Don had been quietly making his rifles, both flint and percussion, for several years. Because it takes almost a year to complete a single gun, from start to finish, he had no need to advertise, as there was always someone ready to lay claim to one of his finished rifles.

We rang him up on a Saturday afternoon in 2016 and asked if we could visit him and see some of his rifles. He was very humble and wondered why we wanted to see him, as he just …Read the Rest

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