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By Ammoland

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By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen : Opinion

AmmoLand Gun News

USA – -( With the election of President Trump, what we see now in our country’s Left is destructive death throws. The American political life can never be the same. The time for compromise is over, and neither side is prepared to lose any social high ground to the other.

Trump’s election helped to prevent the Left from taking-over the US. The Right has become the protectors of freedom on Earth in our time.

From taking back the Supreme Court, to a less noticeable, but just as important, new look at voter registration rolls, President Trump is succeeding in holding off the deep state. The economy has, and will, dramatically improve, with many of the middle of the road Americans seeing these improvements in their lives and beginning to understand the deficits of the liberal agenda.

The socialist deep state will not quit fighting, for if they did quit, their entire life’s philosophy would be destroyed and lost.

They do not accept the validity of the US Constitution, and we, the Conservative Right, can not permit its destruction. The reason for this …Read the Rest

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