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By Jenn Jacques

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This video doesn’t need translation and it doesn’t matter if they’re colleagues or a couple, it still makes my point. If you and your significant other like guns, trap shooting, hunting or 3-Gun competitions: doing them together brings you closer!

Plus, look how much fun they’re having, how can that be a bad thing?

Whether you run a skeet course together as a team or shooting drills against each other, doing these necessary activities together will not only help each of you become a more proficient shooter and/or gun owner, but can really bring out your competitive spirit.

That’s a good thing in a relationship, guys, trust me.

Places like Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop in Spokane aren’t just focusing on women only classes, they understand that some of those women are part of a couple. Every Wednesday and Friday from 5-9PM, couples pay just $25 to share a lane and no gun rental fee.

Talk about the ultimate date night for gun enthusiasts! Sealed Mindset, a world-class shooting range in New Hope, MN, offers 8 couples dinner and defensive handgun training on Valentine’s Day. This innovative and fun couples package …Read the Rest

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