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By Justin Stakes

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch

Washington, DC -( If you’ve been getting your information solely from Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch you might have assumed that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is behind us.

Our briefs and the upcoming hearing show otherwise. We are pursuing her sworn testimony to get to the heart of her incessant and flagrant mishandling of government documents. As I wrote this week for Fox News:

It is no surprise that neither Hillary Clinton nor the Obama State Department agrees with our request to depose Mrs. Clinton concerning her exclusive use of her email account to house and send tens of thousands of official emails throughout her entire tenure as secretary of state.

What is notable is that the State Department finally admits that Clinton’s practice of supposedly emailing other State officials using her account was not an “appropriate method of preserving federal records or making them available for searches under FOIA.”

Second, it is both significant and disturbing that Hillary Clinton now asserts a private “claim of right” over her email account, including any of the 55,000 …Read the Rest

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