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By Garry James


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Some 1,450 men of Lord Chelmsford’s command lay dead on the South African plain at Isandhlwana. A force of 20,000 Zulu warriors under their king Cetshwayo had all but destroyed the British force comprising six companies of the 24th Regiment of Foot (2nd Warwickshire), wagon drivers, volunteers, staff and camp followers.

Another force of 4,000 Zulus was on its way to the small mission station-turned-hospital at Rorke’s Drift. Awaiting the onslaught were 84 men of B Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot; soldiers of the Natal Native Contingent; 36 hospital patients; and men of the Army Hospital Corps.


Britain’s legendary single-shot Martini-Henry rifle achieved its greatest fame during the hard-fought Zulu Wars of the late 1870s.

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