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By Xavier Roberts

DENVER, COLORADO — If you haven’t been following this story out of Denver about the Uber driver shooting and killing his passenger, buckle up – you are in for a ride.

A jury on Thursday found Uber driver Michael Hancock not guilty of murder in last year’s fatal shooting of a passenger while driving on Interstate 25 in Denver.

Jurors sided with Hancock, 31, who argued that he was defending himself against passenger Hyun Soo Kim. Hancock said the 45-year-old Kim made unwanted sexual advances and attacked him when Hancock threatened to pull over during the June 1, 2018 ride.

Via Fox 31 Denver

From that description everything sounds about right. The driver received unwanted sexual advances from the passenger, threatened to pull the car over and was attacked by the passenger. To defend himself he shot and killed the attacking passenger. That is essentially how the jury saw it and ruled on it. However, when you dig deeper into the story there are some strange things that happened along the way.

One of the first unusual things is that Hancock (the driver)
took a knife that …Read the Rest

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