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By John A. Heatherly

The Big Earthquake is considered inevitable but some say it does not have to be a disaster for cities like Los Angeles. What is being done to prepare for it?

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Los Angeles – Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina reminded us that when it comes to natural disasters, you can prepare for the worst, but it’s also crucial to plan for the chaos that comes afterward.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti took that lesson to heart. He is haunted by the memory of flying over New Orleans in a helicopter a full year after the storm and seeing whole sections of the city that hadn’t come back to life — and probably never would.

In Los Angeles, the looming disaster is not a hurricane, but a long-overdue eruption of the massive San Andreas Fault, which seismologists say is the most likely source of a large earthquake in heavily populated Southern California.

Garcetti ran for mayor in 2013 promising to tackle the mundane infrastructure challenges that previous mayors had neglected: potholes, decaying water pipes and retrofits of Los Angeles’ large stock of pre-1980s concrete buildings, which are often most vulnerable to earthquakes.

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