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By Chase Welch

A high quality, high lumen, pistol mounted light is one accessory that offers major advantages for a home owner in a self-defense situation. One major reason is that the fourth rule of firearms safety – know your target – still applies even during nighttime home invasions. Being able to make sure that the bump in the night you heard is an actual threat and not a family member or pet can save you from making a horrible and life altering mistake. In addition, if you do have to shoot to defend yourself, a weapon mounted light helps give you a clear sight picture that aids your accuracy and helps speed up any necessary follow up shots.
Some commonly heard criticism of a WML for home defense is that you could temporarily blind yourself if you shine the light into a mirror or white wall. Another is that you are just giving away your position to a potential bad guy or that in order to see something you have to point your gun at it. In reality, these are non-issues. They’re easily remedied through training and can be dismissed one-by-one.
First, the blinding argument. Try though I might I was unable to find


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