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By Dan Zimmerman


“Why is Waco, Texas, fighting to suppress multiple videos of the shootout that killed nine bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17? Why are some attorneys in the case now prohibited from talking to the press? And why haven’t Waco officials revealed how many of the nine victims were killed by bullets from police officers’ guns?” Good questions all. More notable perhaps is that they’re being asked by Conor Friedersdorf via that notorious right wing conspiracy purveyor, The Atlantic. Nice that they’ve noticed. They’re some of the same questions that we’ve been asking here since the shooting at the Twin Peaks restaurant went down back in May . . .

Mass arrests. Million dollar bail set for scores of “suspects”– many, if not most of whom were likely innocent. Suppressed ballistics and autopsy reports. Video evidence kept from the public. Questionable grand jurors. You don’t have to be sporting a Reynolds Wrap yarmulke to be wondering exactly what the Waco powers that be have to hide.

And as Friedersdorf notes, setting aside the public’s right to know — not to mention nine dead bodies — the casualties in the aftermath have been …read more

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