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By Salvatore

The famed Greek writer Homer stated “The blade itself incites to deeds of violence.” This sentiment is embraced by the anti-Second Amendment forces in our own contemporary times. People with a phobia of weapons impart mystical power onto inanimate objects that would suggest the object itself is the motivator for action. While I love the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer was wrong and his sense of human violence was about as realistic as his sense of human history (in other words, not at all). We have several decades now in the United States that point to a clear trend: violent crime is much lower than it was decades ago, and there are a lot more armed citizens walking the streets today than ever before. Despite the anti-gun lobby screaming warnings of blood running in the streets, we have seen the exact opposite.

The vast majority of legally armed citizens are law-abiding and peaceful and this article is intended to re-enforce the appropriate demeanor that we the armed should possess. If there is a single word that, in my opinion, should best describe the armed citizen it would be “non-confrontational.” If you carry a handgun on a daily basis, it is your …Read the Rest

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