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By Chris Eger

For over four decades, Winchester produced American-made factory Commemorative Issue models that were instant collectibles.
While their historic North Haven, Connecticut factory was still in full swing, Winchester cranked out more than 100 runs of such Commemorative Issue Model 94 lever guns between 1964 and 2005 with the largest runs made before 1985. While that sounds like a huge variety of guns, keep in mind some, like the 1972 Yellow Boy, were only advertised in Europe while others, for instance, the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee in 1980, were only marketed in Canada as they were made by Cooey in Ontario. Even with that, the models that made it to shelves in America were amazing.
This John Wayne Commemorative, produced in 1981, is extensively engraved with a trail ride scene and the names of several “The Duke’s” classic Western films.
The guns paid homage to a historical figure, such as President Teddy Roosevelt or Sheriff Bat Masterson. Others were in honor of Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee or Cheyenne. Still other Commemoratives showcased organizations like the Boy Scouts or Wells Fargo stagecoach service. Then some guns saluted American icons like the Bald Eagle. Events like the


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