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By gunwriter One of the biggest surprises of the 2016 Scout Rifle Conference at Gunsite Academy was Amega Mounts. I had no idea Amega Mounts existed and I was shocked to discover the number of rifles they offer scout mounts for. Now let’s be clear, members of the Shadowy Scout Rifle Elite will most assuredly turn up their noses at the mere notion that mounting a long eye relief optic on a rifle makes it a Scout Rifle. The truth is they are correct; a forward mounted scope does not a Scout Rifle make. However, that’s not to suggest a rifle so modified is not useful or desirable. As Douglas Green points out in the video, as our eyes get old we can benefit from optical sights. And just as importantly, with help from Amega Mounts, those interested in the Scout Rifle concept can experiment with the forward mounted optic inexpensively. But the utility extends beyond that, particularly with the Amega Mount options for the Mini-14 and the M1 Carbine. For kitchen table gunsmiths looking for alternative sighting options, I suggest you check out what Amega Mounts has to offer. …Read the Rest

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