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By Salvatore

This is not the first time I have written about this issue, but here I seek to give it a full treatment for your consideration. There are essentially two groups of people who may read this: those of you who have indeed accepted that violence can come into your life, and those that have given it little thought, or simply refuse to consider it because it is frightening to think about. The first group are most likely those of you already carrying weaponry for personal defense and you are hopefully invested in at least some form of training. The second group, probably not. Here I wish to speak to both categories as this is a topic that we should all evaluate periodically.

I tend to write about defensive mindset more than most of my fellow firearms and self-defense writers. Many at least touch on it, but I harp on it, because it is the most essential element in an individual’s defensive arsenal. Your handgun means nothing if you don’t have the necessary mindset to use it to the required potential if needed, or to see the danger before it is too late to bring the weapon or other tools to bear. …Read the Rest

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