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Last year, parents attending the 2014 Texas Firearms Festival complained about the ticket price. Not the ticket price per se. Ninety percent of our attendees thought the Festival was excellentvalue-for-money. It was the additional cost of paying for young ‘uns or a baby sitter that stuck in their craw. And so we’re letting children 11 and under in for free . . .


That’s non-shooting admission. If you want your 11 or under kid to shoot, well, you gotta pay full fare. [Note: bay operators reserve the right to refuse trigger time to anyone for any reason.] But even if your kids aren’t shooting bring ‘em! Let them look, feel and smell firearms freedom. Let them watch mom and/or dad and around two thousand Texans (and others) enjoying their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. (Yes, bear. It’s Open Carry at the Texas Firearms Festival.)

Last year, bringing kids to TFF was financially burdensome. This year, not so much. Thanks for helping us make the Festival even more awesome! (Click here for a post on the improvements to the 2015 event. And direct any more suggestions below.)

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