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By Dan Zimmerman


Did you know that last year, Illinois SB645 – a bill to allow for the use of centerfire rifles to hunt deer was on track to become law? It would have put Illinois on par with the great number of other states. Everything was going smoothly, until the Illinois State Rifle Association’s Richard Pearson had language inserted that barred the use of semi-auto rifles . . .

The Department shall authorize by rule the use of rifles for deer hunting limited to single-shot, bolt action, pump action, or lever action rifles that take a straight-walled cartridge that is .24 caliber or greater and generates 500 foot pounds of energy or more at the muzzle.

What’s the problem with this? Well, if you’re playing chess instead of checkers, by banning semi-autos and black rifles, you’re giving the anti-gun types fodder they can use to beat us over the head both in Illinois and nationally. Imagine these headlines at Bloomberg’s “The Trace”, Salon, Huffington Post or MSNBC:

Even Gun Nuts Agree AR-15s Aren’t Suitable for Hunting

IL Gun Group: Assault Weapons aren’t Hunting Weapons

The NRA Claims the AR-15 Is Useful for Hunting and Home Defense. The Illinois State Rifle Association knows better.

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