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By Dan Zimmerman


By James England (via

Carrying a concealed firearm into the Texas state capitol building is as easy as bringing your Texas concealed carry permit. Yet state representative Drew Springer is miffed he had to leave his concealed carry firearm in his car while visiting a deputy sheriff at the Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. So miffed, in fact, he decided it’s high time such nonsense came to an end. This is Texas, after all. They have a reputation to uphold . . .

Last spring, Rep. Springer proposed a House bill which would, in effect, eliminate the majority of gun-free zones in the state. Springer’s patch of electorate stretches across multiple counties – Amarillo to Dallas-Forth Worth. Included in that patch of ground are plenty of fantastic hospitals.

From KERA News:

“I’ve had both employees as well as visitors of their loved ones that have said we’re right here on the interstate, there’s a big sign that says hospital and people are coming off and trying to rob them of their drugs,” Springer says. “They feel vulnerable and they want the right to be able to protect themselves.”

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