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By Dean Weingarten


Austin’s Brave New Books — “a bunch of curious people on a quest for the truth” — welcomes Texas’s freshly-minted open carriers. The store is thought to be the only book store in Austin that hasn’t put up 30.07 signs banning open carry. In fact, BNB’s working to attract well-read open carriers with a firearms-friendly discount. As their Facebook page proclaims . . .

For a limited time only if you come in to Brave New Books safely open carrying a firearm, you can get 10% off anything in the store! That’s right. We want to celebrate your decision to take security in to your own hands by giving you 10% off any product in the store for safely open carrying your firearm.

Brave New Books recently held a well-attended symposium on open carry, featuring a panel of Second Amendment supporters discussing their efforts to restore Second Amendment protected rights to Texas residents. Clearly, the free market supports freedom.

The experience of the 44 other states with open carry: when open carry is legalized nothing much happens. Many stores with the “no guns allowed” signs start getting complaints from would-be customers offended that the store does not …Read the Rest

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