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By Tom Knighton

Two things tell us that we live in a free society: elections and private firearm ownership. Neither of those things really takes place in despotic societies. Some might create the trappings of democracy, but it’s funny how often the party in power wins those elections despite widespread opposition. None, however, are big on guns.

While many here in the good old U.S. of A. don’t like guns either, they’re still here, and we can still own them.

However, our election process has a vulnerability. What happens when someone decides to attack a polling location? While many polling locations have police officers present, many others don’t, and that represents a vulnerability. It’s enough of one that if such attacks happen often enough, it could change the way our nation elects leaders. Hypothetically, at least.

The Texas attorney general, however, has addressed this in his state.

Election workers who keep the peace and break tie votes now have the state’s blessing to carry guns at polling places.

In an opinion released Tuesday, Attorney General Ken Paxton said so-called election judges who are licensed to carry a firearm can do so during the performance of their official duties. The opinion was issued …Read the Rest

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