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By Chris Eger

The can from Black Aces is billed as a full-auto capable AR suppressor that won’t go select-fire on your wallet.
Putting in work on the Po’ Boy is Matt from Demolition Ranch who (starting at about the 4~ minute mark) details the direct-thread 5.56mm suppressor. Featuring a cerakote finish, the end-user serviceable can is 8-inches long, uses a reinforced straight stack baffle system and is constructed of a 4130 Chromoly tube with a 316 stainless interior. Overall weight is 25-ounces. The tool to take the cap off to service? An AR15 stock wrench.
Matt stacks it up against a host of other suppressors and perforates some viewer-submitted homemade body armor.
Also, Blink Triggers needs to happen.
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