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By Tom Knighton

Stand Your Ground laws shouldn’t be that controversial. They remove an individual’s “duty” to retreat from a threat rather than defending themselves, which no one should be required to do in the first place. No one has a right to threaten another individual, an as such, no one should have to retreat away from a threat against their person.

However, a case over the weekend in Clearwater, Florida has put the law in the spotlight again.

Thursday’s shooting at the Circle A Food Store at 1201 Sunset Point Road near Clearwater started about 3:30 p.m. when Jacobs, 25, parked in a handicap spot while McGlockton and their 5-year-old son went inside to buy snacks and drinks.

Drejka, 47, confronted Jacobs about why she was parked there without a permit, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The two started arguing heatedly. McGlockton, 28, caught wind of the confrontation.

He left the store, walked up to Drejka and shoved him to the ground with both hands. Drejka pulled out a handgun and shot McGlockton in the chest. McGlockton was soon pronounced dead.

Gualtieri said the next day that he was precluded by law from arresting the shooter and seeking charges against him, saying …Read the Rest

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