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By John Crump

Ghost Gun Downloads
Ten’s Of Thousands of Ghost Gun Files Downloaded Despite Judge’s Order

U.S.A.-( On Tuesday, July 3`1st, 2018,, Defense Distributed put a pause on the release of the 3D printed files in light of multiple lawsuits from various states across the country.

At the same time, a federal judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the sharing of the 3D data files on

Twenty-one state attorney generals have sent letters to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State and Mike Pompeo calling on them to reverse the government decision to allow defense distributed to release their files for 3D printed firearm files.

In the letter, The attorney generals state that the State Department’s decision was “deeply dangerous and could have an unprecedented impact on public safety.”

This statement shows a total lack of understanding of current laws or that of 3D printing technology.

Eight states and the District of Columbia have joined in a lawsuit in Seattle that successfully blocked Defense Distributed from releasing the files online. It is unclear how a Seattle judge would have jurisdiction in this case considering that Defense Distributed host the website in Austin, Texas and Defense Distributed is a Texas-based nonprofit. Outsiders …Read the Rest

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