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By Ammoland

Concealed Carry Teachers
Tennessee Governor Candidates Ignoring Teacher Preferences On Carrying Firearms

Tennessee – -( John Harris, Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, is encouraging Tennessee’s candidates for Governor to LISTEN to more teachers before they speak FOR teachers.

Harris was referring to the issue of whether teachers who have been issued a civilian handgun carry permit would be willing to get additional training and carry on campus in order to protect themselves, their students and their colleagues in the event of a school shooting situation.

During the gubernatorial forum on May 15, 2018, three of the five major candidates participating (Congresswoman Diane Black was absent) indicated that they opposed allowing trained and permitted teachers to carry their weapons on school grounds as an additional line of protection in the event of a shooting incident on campus. Democrats Craig Fitzhugh and Karl Dean joined Republican Beth Harwell as all indicated that they did not support allowing teachers to be armed.

Republicans Bill Lee and Randy Boyd both supported allowing teachers who wished to do so, and were certified and trained, to carry firearms into their schools.

“What was disturbing, aside from their unwillingness to increase security in our schools, was that at least two of …Read the Rest

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