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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Second Amendment
Tennessee Firearms Association – Standing Firm for Liberty

USA -( Since 1995, the Tennessee Firearms Association has stood in the gap to defend Tennesseans from the progressive encroachments of anti-2nd Amendment advocates.

While some believe that some “gun-rights” organizations have failed in their stated missions or may even question what those missions may be, TFA has never wavered in its efforts to influence and assist elected officials in reversing the unconstitutional restrictions placed upon law-abiding Tennesseans by Tennessee law and local governments in Tennessee.

But if you thought that TFA had persevered because of just “guns”, you may have missed our real passion.

You see, the 2nd Amendment, (and all the first ten Amendments) were ratified after the Constitutional Convention concluded its initial work. Several of the Founders were well-aware of the nature of man, that he was inclined to dominate his fellow man when given the chance.

These Founders were convinced that, after they were long gone from the scene, their influence would fail to suppress the power-hungry desires of future despots.

Even in view of clear differentiations between the branches of government that they placed in the Constitution, they still were uneasy of “mans” tendencies. They believed that the foundations which were …Read the Rest

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