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By Robert Farago

“Not too long ago I covered crime in Oakland, Calif.,” crime beat journalist Natalie Neysa Alund reveals. “It wasn’t an anomaly to cover youths being killed in the city, where the streets are mean and poverty flourishes. When I took this job covering crime and breaking news in Nashville last year, I thought I’d get a break from seeing children die. I was wrong.” Like gun control advocates, Ms. Alund’s reference to “children” includes . . .

teenagers. Her opening salvo also omits the fact that the majority of these “children” killed by “gun violence” were involved with gangs (e.g.,the East Nashville Crips) who shoot rival gang bangers to protect lucrative drug territories. Here’s Ms. Alund’s solution to these Nashville’s “child” shootings . . .

My hope is that Nashville’s children are working to combat their issues by using words to solve problems instead of guns. And that parents, neighbors and religious and city leaders form a united front to help them. To teach them.

Does Ms. Alund, an alum of the “mean streets” of Oakland, really believe that Nashville’s firearms-related homicides are a Strother Martin problem (“What we’ve got here is …Read the Rest

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