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By Kristin Alberts

While many of us are burning hours watching “Tiger King,” this downtime can be used be in more constructive ways. Hunters lamenting canceled trips, lost spring seasons, and closed shooting ranges should take advantage of these unusual times to get some things done on the home front and in the local outdoors.
Gun Safe Wipe Down
How long has it been since you’ve pulled all the guns out of the safe and given them a good wipe down with a rag? If you don’t know the answer, time is overdue. If any need a thorough deep cleaning, now is a great time for that as well. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy admiring their guns and reminiscing on past adventures? Just remember to follow safety protocols and check to make sure there’s no ammo still in the guns before handling.
Go Shed Hunting
Shed hunting is not only a great way to get some exercise, but can yield great rewards like this whitetail antler. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Take a walk than in the woods while easily maintaining social distancing by getting off the beaten trails and into the terrain of big bucks and bulls. Remote locations are the best places to look for shed antlers. Move slowly


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