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By Ammoland

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

USA – -( The principles behind the gun control movement can’t survive even the most basic scrutiny, so the Controllers must constantly fall back on that oldest debating strategy: lies.

The lies they favor vary from year to year, sometimes old lies are recycled, sometimes new ones are created and tested to see how well they survive in the wild.

Here’s my list of the current top ten. See if you agree and feel free to add more.

1- We need to have a national conversation on guns.

This statement is an attempt to obscure the fact that Americans have been debating and passing gun laws since the beginning of the republic. The Controllers think you have a short memory, slept through American History class and only use the internet to watch silly animal videos.

2- The good guy with a gun is a myth, especially in regard to mass shootings.

It may seem that way for two reasons. First, the media deliberately downplays or ignores cases where citizens defend themselves …Read the Rest

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