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By Tom Knighton

Ted Nugent is someone that doesn’t back down. An avid shooter and hunter for years, the rock legend has maintained his position in the face of opposition for years now.

Once upon a time, that was something that would earn respect from people. After all, standing up for what you believe in when people were shouting you down was a noble thing.

Today, it earns you a protest.

A rolling billboard with Ted Nugent’s face on the side isn’t promoting his Roanoke concert later this month. It is protesting his appearance at the Berglund Center.

Andy Parker is the father of Alison Parker, our WDBJ7 colleague who was shot and killed in 2015.

He organized the protest against the conservative rocker and NRA board member, and is calling for a boycott of the Berglund Center, because of Nugent’s statements on gun rights and gun control, and what Parker describes as his vile behavior.

“It’s an outrage to me and the people of Roanoke who think this community deserves better,” Parker said during a news conference Monday afternoon.

The general manager of the Berglund Center pointed out that as a public facility, they can’t discriminate against someone because they espouse certain views.

That’s absolutely true. Frankly, …Read the Rest

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