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By Brandon Curtis


“She came down and helped me, helped a stranger with a gun pointing at someone else, so she’s pretty brave,” said Steven Davenport, recalling the incident that landed him with the memorable photo above.

This happened in the middle of the day on Friday when Mr. Davenport was working at his home in Yukon, Oklahoma. He heard his door chime but thought nothing of it. He pulled his garage door closed and went back to work.

Then, he heard it again. This time, when he pulled on the door handle, the door pulled back.

Mr. Davenport armed himself, opened the door to his garage, and looked inside. Immediately, he saw the intruder, identified as Jared Bennett, looking back at him.

“I anticipated either not seeing him, or seeing the back of him running away, but for him to be standing there staring at me… that really got my attention,” Mr. Davenport said to reporters. “At that point, I took my 45 and racked a round and told him he was going to die if he didn’t get on the ground.”

Mr. Davenport directed the intruder to crawl to the front yard and started calling for help. Either …Read the Rest

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