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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Team JP Claims Victory at Competition Dynamics Team Safari
Team JP Claims Victory at Competition Dynamics Team Safari

Hugo, Minnesota-( The 2019 Competition Dynamics Team Safari (October 18-20) saw a great showing for JP Enterprises claiming the top two team slots for Dorgan Trostel and Ckye Thomas (1st) as well as father-and-son team, Mike and Connor Dowd. Team JP shooters, Bryan Whalen and Aaron Pickering also claimed 7th at the match.

With 42 teams in attendance, the Team Safari took place at JP Enterprises’ Blue Steel Ranch near Logan, NM. This precision rifle team event makes full use of the Blue Steel Ranch’s 1000+ acres of high desert for three-day “hike-and-shoot” precision match. Each two-man team consists of a precision rifle and a carbine shooter who must work together on the clock to locate, range and engage targets under challenging conditions.

Dorgan Trostel of the first-place team is a new addition to the JP roster for 2019, sporting a custom precision rifle in a JP APAC™ chassis. His partner Ckye Thomas made excellent use of a matching JP-15. Connor Dowd has been shooting for JP since he was recruited as a junior by JP founder, John Paul himself at the 2013 Rocky Mountain 3-Gun.

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