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By Sara Tipton


A few days ago, I was putting the finishing touches on my now functioning AR-15 when a friend stopped by. As my house filled with three more kids and the noise level increased exponentially, we sat down to chat. My friend had heard about California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome’s ridiculous gun control proposals (banning possession of “high-capacity magazines,” requiring background checks for ammunition purchases). As I heated up a pot of coffee, she said her husband suggested she talk to me, learn some basics, and start the concealed carry permit process. Obviously, I suggested she start by . . .

shooting. I told her she should go with her husband and shoot a gun before even thinking about a CCW. I offered to show her how to shoot a handgun, as we can do that on my property. But I also wanted her to know something about how firearms function. I already had my AR-15 clamped down in its vice, so I took it as an opportunity to explain the basics.

Much like with my children, I showed her the main parts: trigger, barrel, bolt catch, safety, etc. with a brief explanation of what each does. She didn’t seem …Read the Rest

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