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By David LaPell

Young Hunters: Securing a Future for Europe's Biodiversity
Young Hunters: Securing a Future

U.S.A.-( You see it everywhere, from little league to every outdoor activity these days, kids with their faces glued to a phone screen.

The blips and bleeps of electronic addiction dazzling their senses while drowning out the outside world and at the same time, all of what older generations like mine took for granted, the freedom of being able to go outside and enjoy life, fresh air and the larger world that didn’t come in the form of the latest gadget.

While this overstimulation and desire to let kids be babysat by devices with names like Siri and Alexa isn’t limited to one form, none of our passions are under fire like teaching children to safely use a firearm and in the same aspect, hunting.

Now is a very important time because how many kids in their schools are being flooded with the wrong message after Parkland Shooting, and being put on the spot by liberal educators and politicians who want to use them for political gains. I think that most kids are being sold a bill of goods and since they have no other way to get an opposing point of view towards guns, …Read the Rest

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