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By David LaPell

Taylor's & Company 1873 Cattleman .32-20 Revolver

David reviews the 1873 Cattleman Revolver and does a little bit of trouble-shooting on factory ammo.

Taylor’s & Company 1873 Cattleman .32-20 Revolver

USA – -( There is probably no better known handgun in the world than the Colt Single Action Army Model of 1873.

Between its history here in the American West to being in the hands of the Rough Riders in Cuba, fighting against the Moros in the Philippines, and then even onto the battlefields in Europe. Later of course the Colt became popular again to the masses when westerns ruled both television and the silver screen. Of course, to hunters, ranchers, working cowboys and anyone who just knew how to use a handgun as a working tool always appreciated the Colt Single Action Army.

To the uninitiated, many think that the Colt Single Action Army came in only one caliber, that being .45 Colt, which of course is the most popular offering it would seem. Yet the 1873 Colt was offered in over thirty calibers, some well known, a few a bit more obscure. Legendary lawman Bill Tilghman carried one in .38 WCF (.38-40), south of the border the Colt was popular in .44 Rimfire, …Read the Rest

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