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By Bob Shell

Bob Shell reviews the Taylor 1886 Ridge Runner Take-Down 45-70

by Bob Shell
Bob reviews and shot tests the Taylors & CO 1886 Ridge Runner Takedown Rifle in .45-70 with good results.

Bob Shell reviews the Taylors 1886 Ridge Runner Take-Down 45-70

U.S.A.-( The 45-70 cartridge has been around for over 140 years and still is going as strong as ever with reproduction rifles like the Taylors & Co Inc. 1886 Ridge Runner Rifle.

Some folks wonder why such an old round is still very popular. One main reason is that it works. It started out as a black powder military round but, has changed with the times and today enjoys the technology that other arms enjoy. Most military rounds are successful due to the fact that components are available as are the guns. It doesn’t matter how good it may be but, the fact that the military used it at one time gives it a boost.

Taylors & Company 1886 Ridge Runner Rifle in .45-70

This rifle is made in Italy by Chiappa and imported by Taylors. They have a wide variety of firearms available, I have purchased a couple through the years, and they always have been very …Read the Rest

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