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By Rob Morse


By Rob Morse

Slow Facts

California – -(

The Seattle City Council proposed a tax on guns and ammunition. I propose a different tax.. on politicians.

Despite the fact that local gun laws are pre-empted by Washington state law, the city council says they need a gun tax due to the high social cost of guns.

I get it. City councils across the country will tax any political minority they don’t like. In this case the minority group is firearms owners, and for obvious reasons. One reason is an ongoing culture war to cleanse the community of those who hold minority views. That always makes the majority fee; more comfortable.. despite their lip service to diversity. Cultural cleansing also makes it easier for politicians to get re-elected.

The second reason to tax honest and honorable firearms owners is even simpler to understand. Spending tax money is how politicians get re-elected. In this case, the question isn’t why gun owners were targeted by the anti-rights city council. No, the real question is why gun owners were not taxed and fined years ago given the skewed and anti-rights bigotry of these elected officials.

Gun control has a long history of bigotry.

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