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The 2022 Federal Tax Deadline is coming very soon. This year, Federal and (most) State tax returns must be filed on or before Monday, April 18, 2022. That’s a few days later than usual, because this year April 15, the normal deadline, is recognized as Emancipation Day, a holiday in the nation’s capital.
If you haven’t finished your taxes yet, and could use some help maximizing your deductions and following all the rules, you may want to consider using the Tax Act Program. This is certainly NOT the only good online tax program available, and you may want to go to a tax specialist. However, Tax Act is currently offering 25% Off Savings for NRA Members.

So as an NRA member, and a patriotic supporter of the Second Amendment, you can enjoy significant savings on expert tax guidance and filing support. For example, the most popular DELUXE Plan is $35.21 for NRA Members, instead of the regular $46.95 price. And there is even a FREE program for basic filers with simple returns. NOTE: State tax prep fees are separate.

* Check to determine the exact deadline for state tax filing. Some states have filing deadlines AFTER 4/18/2022. Click here for a list of

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