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By Dean Weingarten

Taurus TX22 - Magazine Capacity, Light Weight, Concealable
Taurus TX22 – Magazine Capacity, Light Weight, Concealable

Arizona -( -I stopped by the Taurus booth at SHOT Show to see what might be new. Taurus in the past has been a leader in innovative products. I have had good luck with several Taurus revolvers and semi-auto pistols.

The Taurus TX22 is a new, mid-sized .22 Long Rifle, semi-automatic pistol. It only weighs 17.3 ounces and has a 16 round magazine.

The Taurus TX22 pistol will invariably be compared to the new Kel-Tec CP33. They both have raised the bar for magazine capacity in a .22 pistol.

They are considerably different guns, filling different niches. The capacity of the Taurus is 16 rounds, a significant improvement over the commonly available 12 round magazines for some models of Smith &Wesson and Walther. 16 rounds is only half of the capacity of the Kel-Tec CP33. Both guns are new to the market.

The Taurus is a much smaller gun. No one would claim the Kel-Tec is pocket sized. The Kel-Tec CP33 is a standard sized, but a lightweight pistol, at 24 ounces. It is 10.6 inches long

The Taurus TX22 has pocket potential. It is slightly more than seven inches long, and …Read the Rest

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