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By Bruce F

This is another long development post I’ve been working on all year. Back in 2017, I learned about the Target Sports USA Prime Ammo Club. The Prime Ammo program allows you to pay an up front membership fee of $95 for the year and purchase ammunition at a reduced price with free shipping for a 12 month period. I was familiar with Target Sports from previous orders placed with them so this new program caught my attention.

I’m generally reluctant to purchase memberships that require me to spend money now for the privilege of spending more money later. The membership benefits have to be compelling and offer a significant perception of value to get serious consideration from me. In my case, I tend to buy one or two boxes of several different loads many times per year when I’m working on gun reviews. If the Prime Ammo membership could save me money on ammo, that would reduce my out of pocket expense to produce a review. I decided to take a chance on it.

Target Sports lists 4 main benefits of Prime Ammo membership on their website. That seems like …Read the Rest

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