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By Tactical-Life

TangoDown Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger left profile

TangoDown Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger standalone

TangoDown has launched its new Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger (VTCT) for Glock pistols.

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TangoDown’s Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger

Available in two different configurations to accommodate most Glocks out there today, the VTCT is a flat faced polymer trigger, a shape preferred by combat and competition shooters. The large front surface and low trigger safety give the perception of a lighter trigger press. These features also enable trigger movement straight back without pushing the gun to either side, the company claims. In addition, the lack of a vertical ridge in the middle of the trigger face gives the user a shooting advantage.

In developing the VTCT, TangoDown kept the mechanical take-up familiar to Glock shooters. However, over-travel was shortened to allow for a quicker reset, and thus a faster follow-up shot.

The VTCT is made from the same polymers as the Glock OEM trigger, so you’re not risking …Read the Rest

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