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By Jacki Billings

The Mark Pro Magazine Bumpers offer positive feedback and consistency when swapping mags.  (Photo: Tandemkross)
Tandemkross, manufacturer of after-market firearm accessories, launched new competition upgrades for the Ruger MKIV and MKIV 22/45 pistol series.
The Mark Pro Magazine Bumpers are the latest to hit the Tandemkross accessory line, offering extended magazine base pads for the Ruger MKIV 22/45. The Zytel-based bumpers feature a larger, textured base pad allows competition and causal shooters to quickly and easily bump magazines into place for consistent magazine changes.
In addition to the mag bumpers, the company also introduced the Titan Extended Magazine Release, available for the MKIV and MKIV 22/45. The Titan boasts a taller and wider magazine release button with two button styles included for personalization. Both buttons provide a larger textured surface to allow for efficient magazine changes, especially for shooters with smaller hands.
The Titan Extended Magazine Release. (Photo: Tandemkross)
The Mark Pro Magazine Bumpers are priced at $19.99 while the Titan Extended Magazine Release retail for $29.99. Both the bumpers and releases are available on Tandemkross’ website.
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