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By Jenn Jacques

As some of you who follow me on Twitter or read my personal blog may know, I took up running last year. While I do have to use the treadmill for the better part of the year here in the Frozen Tundra, I love to get out onto our local nature trail to bust out a few miles in the fresh Dairy State air.

On my run, or rather my attempt to run this morning, I passed a lovely couple with a sweet little baby in a stroller on my way up into the woods. “How cute!” I thought. A regular, suburban looking couple, mid 30’s and professional looking, and a very expensive stroller, I noted they didn’t look like the regular country folk like me who frequent the rough trail.

I happened to pass them on my way back as well and stopped to ask about and admire their beautiful little bundle of joy. In speaking with them, I found out that they recently moved out of the city for a safer, quieter country neighborhood in my neck of the woods.

Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, I asked them if they felt the trail was safe, and told …read more

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