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By gunwriter Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to trade in your pickup to get a rifle that is capable to 1000 yards. I set out to see if I could do it for less than a grand and, thanks to Mossberg and Hornady, I hit a home run on my first attempt. Mossberg’s Night Train rifles are Patriot rifles with a few enhancements. Out of the box these rifles are ready for long-range shooting. And, they’re available in either .308 Winchester or .300 Winchester Magnum. I’ve hunted with the Patriot in Africa twice and knew they would shoot but I was not expecting the tack-driving precision I got with Hornady’s Match 155 grain OTM ammunition. With street prices hovering around $ 700.00, the Night Train from Mossberg seems like a steal to me. …Read the Rest

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