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By Ben Philippi

If shooting at standard paper targets at the range has gotten a little dull then take it to the next level with competitive 3-gun shooting.
That’s what Ivan Bjornlund did in 2017. The 21-year-old from Vermont wanted to shoot and move but couldn’t find a good tactical carbine courses in the northeast and courses at the Sig Academy in nearby New Hampshire filled up super quick.
So, Bjornlund decided to give 3-gun a try. He grabbed his Remington 870, the AR-15 he had at the time and a Sig P226, and shot an event. He had a blast even though he came in last.
Over the course of the year, Bjornlund competed in as many matches as he could. He quickly started to improve and he even started to win. He realized he could compete with the best, and that’s when he decided to go all in.
Ivan Bjornlund’s competition AR-15. (Photo: Ben Philippi/
His first purchase was a new AR-15. He chose an LWRC DI Upper Receiver with a Surefire muzzle brake, Magpul Canted flip up sights, Vortex Razor 1x6x24 optic, LaRue quick detach mount, Noveske lower receiver, Geissele Super Dynamic 3-gun trigger and a Noveske Magpul short throw lever.
All together, the rifle set him back about $3,500. But Bjornlund


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