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By Justin Stakes

The Turkey Hunter's Bible :

By John E. Phillips

Take a Tape Recorder in the Woods When You’re Hunting Turkeys
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Why Take a Tape Recorder in the Woods With You When You Are Scouting for or Hunting Turkeys; The Turkey Hunter’s Bible :
  • What time of morning you hear the first turkey gobble. This information will help you determine at about what time of morning the turkeys in the area you hunt will begin to gobble each morning.
  • Where you are when you hear the turkey gobble and which compass direction the turkey is from where you are.
  • Which direction the road or path you are on travels. For instance, if you are standing, on the side of a woods road, look at your compass, and note if the road is North and South. Put that information on your tape recorder. When you next hear the turkey gobble, tell the direction to your recorder. Then you will know where that turkey should gobble the next time you hunt him in the morning and how to get to and from the turkey.
  • Whether the turkey is gobbling aggressively or very little. Then you will have a better …Read the Rest

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