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By Mitch Hardin

Tactical Walls

Tactical Walls

Tactical Walls, an American-owned and -operated company, based out of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, was co-founded by Tim Matter and Chris Wood. It predominantly uses U.S.-made parts rather than importing foreign-made materials, and everything it offers to the market is handcrafted, easy to install and simple to use. As the company’s motto states, its goal is to offer “discrete storage solutions for every room.”

TacticalWalls Radio Frequency Identification model lead


TacticalWalls: Card-Activated Gun Storage in Plain Sight

Tactical Walls MODWalls

One of these new home-storage solutions is the “MODWall” that helps organize and display all of your “cool-guy gear.” Not only does the MODWall help the average Joe get things organized, but it can be installed in gun shops, non-firearms-related businesses and basement man caves alike. It’s the perfect solution for reducing clutter and will surely improve your relationships with those who might take issue with your fun room mess.

Up until recently, MODWalls were only available in kits that consisted of two panels, each 22 inches tall and 48 …Read the Rest

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