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By Cam Edwards

According to the FBI, violent crime declined in the United States last year. There are some cities bucking the trend, unfortunately, and Seattle, Washington is one of them. In fact, in Seattle, crimes like rape, homicide, and aggravated assaults are the highest recorded in over a decade. This, despite the fact that gun control advocates have been able to put all kinds of “gun safety” laws on the books going back to 2014, when the state adopted “universal background check” laws. Even as the state has added more gun control laws via legislation and referendum, crime in Seattle’s getting worse. That’s because lawmakers are more interested in passing new laws aimed at legal gun owners than they are ensuring that existing laws are being enforced against violent criminals.

A new report commissioned by business associations in Seattle reveals that the criminal justice system is suffering from a systemic failure that’s leading to tens of thousands of wasted hours by law enforcement and a city attorney’s office that is dismissing a staggering number of cases. The report is called “System Failure 2: Declines, Delays, and Dismissals”, and builds off of an <a target="_blank" href="" …Read the Rest

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