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By Robert Farago

Syracuse University's Department of Public Safety Chief Maldonando (courtesy

Syracuse University Department of Public Safety Chief Bobby Maldonado [above] issued the following statement after several of his officers lost four shotguns off the back of a truck on the way back from training [quote via]

In October DPS officers took part in a firearms training session in a rural area of Onondaga County. As the officers exited the facility and were driving in a DPS pickup truck, two cases holding four unloaded 12 gauge shotguns, similar to waterfowl guns, fell out of the back of the truck. After stopping a few miles later the officers realized this and immediately notified the State Police. An extensive search of the route taken along with a canvasing of houses in the rural area of the incident, however . . .

the firearms were not located. This matter remains an open case with State Police and DPS.

The University and DPS takes this matter very seriously. An internal investigation and review was immediately conducted, resulting in disciplinary action imposed on the officer responsible for securing the firearms. In addition, DPS underwent a thorough review of relevant protocols to ensure the firearms transportation and storage procedures and practices are as strong and comprehensive …Read the Rest

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