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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader Henrik B. writes:

If anyone ever suggests that the security theater known as “gun laws” ever do good, please point them towards Sweden. So far this year we have had 30 explosives go off this year and one mass shooting along with numerous minor shootings. In response we got new gun laws in 2015 (it is not a new issue). At the moment most things are banned. You might get a license for a semi-auto rifle if it has a two-round magazine and looks like a traditional hunting rifle. Waiting times for a license are very long. The police just announced . . .

that they will try to handle applications for licenses in under 10 weeks. My personal record is trying to get a license for a bolt action rifle since 2013. I am still waiting as I have had to drag the police to court because apparently pistol grips are “military” as are free-floating handguards. And they’re “dangerous.” Also preparing for self-defense is illegal. So even if you only carry a screwdriver around for protection you are breaking the law.

Of course now some politicians feel that we need even stricter gun laws …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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