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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Swagger Hunter42 and Hunter29 Bipods Elevate Your Experience
Swagger Hunter42 and Hunter29 Bipods Elevate Your Experience

Grand Island, NE-( Smart shooters take a rest whenever possible-not a break from the trigger, but rather steady shooting support. Swagger Bipods offer adaptability to get a rest no matter where your shot opportunity occurs. Simply attach it to your rifle, extend the legs, and use wherever you like to hunt or shoot.

Most hunters are familiar with bipods for hunting on the ground but may overlook the advantages and use of the Swagger when using the concealment of a blind or the height advantage of a treestand.

Instead of being bound by legs with lengths that allow you to shoot prone or sitting, the Hunter42 ground blind and treestand model extends to a full 41 ½ inches. The Swagger flexible leg system provides shooters with the options of shooting out blind windows or following a buck while sitting in your treestand. Support is fully maintained while moving the butt of your rifle to keep your quarry in your scope.

The versatility of the ground blind/treestand model allows you to shoot from high prone, sitting or standing position and from a treestand or blind. It is the most flexible system you will find.

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