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By James England

PARK CITY, KANSAS — Roland Ross, 28, and Michael Phillips Jr., 37, probably didn’t expect Federal charges after failing to rob a Park City liquor store at gunpoint. Likely, they figured being armed and threatening the clerk with a classic line like “if he was ready to die because this was a robbery and to give them all the money” would be a surefire way to make at least a couple hundred bucks. What ended up happening, though, is a cold taste of reality.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Ross and Phillips entered the MGS Liquor store while under the full watch of surveillance video. When one of the men allegedly asked the clerk whether or not he was ready to die — he probably didn’t expect the clerk to pull a gun and shoot him in the chest… Because that’s precisely what happened. And while the man managed to escape, he left blood soaked hand prints all over the door and in his vehicle. He left his buddy to deal with the fallout. His buddy, however, figured correctly that he wasn’t going to get one over on this clerk and he was already man down. His accomplice surrendered …Read the Rest

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